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Legal Process Outsourcing

In close cooperation with reputable investment advisors in Southeast Europe, we provide Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) services to corporate legal departments of leading multinational companies and major international law firms to help them enable better legal and business decision-making.

We are a secure LPO provider located in the European Union (Sofia, Bulgaria), and deliver first-class quality work with multilingual capabilities. Our executive team involves highly qualified attorneys having strong experience in EU regulatory compliance and compliance management across various industries; cross-border transactions governed by English law, New York state law or US law (unspecified); as well as international qualifications, including expertise in English law and American Business Law.

Our LPO Services

We support our clients in compliance management and regulatory work, as well as a wide range of other LPO services, and help them mitigate risk and solve a variety of legal and related issues. We enable innovative business processes and technology to create risk-measured and cost-optimized solutions for our clients globally. Our mid-term strategy involves embracing a full spectrum LPO services and offering multiple LPO related services.

Who we work with

Financial Services & Insurance

Financial services providers have seen a significant increase in regulation and supervision. We are experienced and well-positioned to help investment banks, credit institutions, private equity firms, hedge funds, insurers and other financial institutions
adapt to these

What we do

Life Sciences

We are experienced in supporting major multinational biotechnology, pharmaceutical, healthcare and medical device companies in regulatory compliance management, including in rolling out their Global Compliance Policies and adapting them to the requirements of EU regulations.

What we do

Technology & Telecom

We help technology & telecommunications companies in terms of economies of scale, particularly for repetitive, volume-based contractual work, compliance management and regulatory work, as well as due
diligence and general
litigation support.

What we do


We are well-equipped to assist multinational automobile manufacturers and electronics companies manufacturing semiconductor devices, consumer electronics, and computers in coping with an ever-changing stream of EU and international regulatory requirements and mitigate risks.

What we do

Energy & Natural Resources

The energy industry is highly regulated globally, and we are well-positioned to help energy & natural resources companies adapt to the constant regulatory changes. We can be your legal outsourcing partner for a variety of matters like compliance management or litigation support.

What we do


Advantages of Outsourcing Your Legal and Paralegal Work to Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a member of the European Union offering a politically and economically secure place to do or outsource your business, as well as a pleasant work-to-lifestyle logistics arrangement. The country ranks among the top outsourcing destinations in the world in terms of attractiveness, which is even more valid in terms of LPO.

According to Global Opportunities Amid Economic Turbulence - the 2011 A. T. Kearney Global Services Location Index, Bulgaria ranks 17th in the world, with an overall index score of 5.37;

Bulgaria ranks number one compared to all countries in Southeast Europe and number five from the countries in the EU.

Bulgaria has a high scale asset of a large number of law graduates annually, having excellent multilingual capabilities - fluently speaking (spoken and written) English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and/or other EU languages. This allows us to scale and have the capacity to manage numerous global engagements in all EU languages.

We are well-equipped to provide first-class quality LPO services using the deep talent pool available in country and thus employing higher skilled labor while gauging the value of work in a cost efficient way, as Bulgaria has become renowned for the excellence of its new generation lawyers. Examples include, but are not limited to, breakthroughs while competing in the following reputable international moot court competitions:

Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition (JESSUP), the largest and most prestigious international law competition in the world organized by the International Law Students Association, covering 500+ university teams from 100+ countries:

In 2014 a team of Bulgarian students in law studying in a Bulgarian University won Hardy C. Dillard Award for Best Combined Memorials of the National & Regional Rounds;

In 2013 a team of Bulgarian students in law studying in a Bulgarian University won 8th place in the overall ranking of written memorials;

In 2012, a team of Bulgarian students in law studying in a Bulgarian University won two victories in International Rounds;

In 2011 three of the members of a team of Bulgarian students in law studying in a Bulgarian University have their place among the best hundred speakers at the International Finals.

Telders International Law Moot Court Competition: in 2006 Bulgaria was ranked second in the overall ranking for TELDERS, and in 2007 the Bulgarian team won individual prize for written memorial.

CEEMC competition on European Union law: a Bulgarian team won CEEMC in 2008 and 2013, and was awarded for best written memorials in 2009.

Lower cost base through labor arbitrage. Thus, you achieve great cost savings in support functions while enjoying engaged talented workforce with very good functional knowledge. Overall costs of doing business in Bulgaria are the lowest in Southeast Europe, and cost of labour is likely to remain low in the med-term.

Both foreign and domestic companies operating in Bulgaria enjoy the lowest in the European Union corporate income tax rate of 10% (ten percent), as well as a favorable total tax mix of income taxes and social insurances.


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